• Notice of AGM

    AGM – 6th March 2024

    7:30 pm at the MSRA Range

    The 100th Annual General Meeting


    (1)                     Apologies:

    (2)                     Absent Friends

    (3) Minutes: 1-March 2023

    (4)                      Matters Arising

    (5)                      President’s Report

    (6)                     Financial Report

    (7)                     Election of Officers

    (8)                     Reimbursements

    (9)                     Amendments to Constitution as per Notice of Motion

    (10)                  Affiliation Fees

    (11)                  Consideration of Insurance level

    (12)                  New Shooter Achievement Grant

    (13)                  General Business

    •              100 year celebrations – planning and formation of a committee

  • Outdoor Open Day 2023

    The 23rd of October (Labour Day) will be the Manawatu Outdoor Club’s open day for those wishing to try outdoor shooting. More information about this event can be found in the poster below. More information about outdoor shooting can be found on their club page.